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OCG Human Resources and Management Consultants, works closely with its customers to develop job descriptions based on employee interviews, job duties, and principle outputs. This process creates the foundation for customized performance and appraisal programs that identify work expectations, reward outstanding performance, and increase employee satisfaction.

Performance Management is about creating a culture that encourages the continuous improvement of business processes and of individuals' skills, behaviour and contributions.

Performance Management centers around the role and effectiveness of line managers in setting goals and reviewing and strengthening the performance of their staff. The formal recording of this information is done through the Performance Management and Development System.

OCG Human Resources and Management Consultants have experience in the development of employee handbooks, management training materials, employee policies and procedures. In addition, we have extensive knowledge of employee involvement and participation surveys and systematic feedback systems to insure a measurable improvement process.

Creating a positive work environment by assisting employees in understanding policies and in effectively using internal procedures.

The Employee Relations Services focuses on promoting good management practices and workplace behaviors, positive working environments and relationships, and on complying with Human Resources Policies and Procedures. The Employee Relations Services is designed to assist individuals and departments on how to work through problems and differences to make the work environment more positive, enjoyable and less stressful.

When a company properly applies HR compliance procedures, it can more easily meet shareholders expectations. However, when compliance is inadequate or ineffective, there are often damaging repercussions to a company's business operations. While many "quick fix" compliance solutions may look tempting to harried business leaders, they fall to answer the kinds of questions that government auditors or plaintiffs lawyers will be quick to bring up. The workplace today and employment law worldwide is already far too complex for such approaches to be anything but shortcuts. If your compliances audits are not based on real facts, you have no real defense against sizeable risk.

HR audits can help minimize employment law risk in many ways. OCG audits can be used to: – Assess the impact of proposed reductions in force – Create affirmative action programs – Evaluate existing programs -Recommend significant improvements to employment policies and practices Our audit activities span a wide range of industries, from transportation and energy to financial services and computer manufacturing. We use proprietary techniques to analyze and compare across company operations, age categories, job positions, salary ranges and more. Employers who receive an audit report from OCG know they have a statistically rigorous comprehensive and accurate picture of their HR activities. They can be confident that they have the information necessary to reduce their exposure to misuse of employment law. They have the right facts on their side.

OCG Human Resources and Management Consultants assists organizations with training and development programs to assist employees in reaching their fullest potential. We accomplish this by conducting training needs assessments and developing customized training programs and individualized development plans.

The mission is to increase employee effectiveness by providing training and development opportunities. Our curriculum includes technical learning as well as leadership and business skills training. Through our high quality programs we strive to equip.

We provide business, management and marketing consulting, as well as consulting in other areas of business. Our consultants provide business advice based on extensive real world business experience and knowledge. We can handle all your business needs and provide personalized service. We do our best to provide value to our customers.

To meet the needs for family-owned businesses to implement long-term organizational development and financial planning strategies, as well as to gain vital insights into other issues relating to self-development, interpersonal relationships and team-building in a family business culture.

Our commitment to helping you achieve breakthrough success is absolute. Drawing upon our unparalleled experience, we educate our clients about the need to utilize a comprehensive and integrated approach for the benefit of their family business.

OCG Human Resources and Management Consultants helps you arrange speakers, location, printed materials, audio-visual equipment, entertainment, content and the program to present the information in the most effective way. We focus on how the meeting will impact the goals of your organization, while motivating attendees and facilitating their learning experience.

Services include advice on starting a small business, writing marketing plan, writing business plans, business operations analysis, management consulting, marketing and business operations consulting and manufacturing consulting.

Whether you know it or not, there may be HR issues all around your business–right now. Relax, OCG can help. We've been helping small businesses like yours navigate the increasingly complex HR landscape for more than 60 years.

Protect yourself from lawsuits, fines, and penalties

HR problems can surface anytime, and put you and your business in danger of lawsuits, fines and penalties. If you're like most small businesses, you can't afford the risk.

OCG Human Resources and Management Consultants, has extensive experience in providing on-site HR management and support to organizations. Our on-site service assists clients through transition periods or on a long-term basis in all facets of human resource management.

OCG Human Resources and Management Consultants, offers employment management services to assist organizations in meeting their staffing objectives. We coordinate interviewing candidates, and perform all pre-employment background screening for companies in several diverse industries.

Our Mission is to facilitate the hiring, development and retention of a talented, skilled and diverse workforce of individuals strongly committed to the goals of the company who seek the best for the company and themselves.

OCG Human Resources and Management Consultants has partnered with Retention Strategies which is a unique benefits consulting and insurance brokerage firm specializing in all sizes of employers as well as individuals in saving cost on their benefit programs. This is a complex task in our cur current environment of regulations and health care cost increases and Retention Strategies has the talented team to deliver on commitments. Click here to navigate through the most robust website on benefits in Puerto Rico.

WellBeing is the key to a happy, productive life. Arriving at a place where you are content with all aspect of WellBeing – Mind, Body and Soul – is not easy. OCG Human Resources and Management Consultants have partnered with Retention Strategies and have designed this web site to provide a world of information plus the added advantage of a source of advice from the WellBeing expert – "Ask Christine". Additionally, Retention Strategies designs and delivers customized WellBeing programs for companies who want to provide that special support for their employees.